Wooden windows
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Unique windows that offer unmatched warmth, energy efficiency, and a distinctive look.

Jelovica wooden windows are the first choice for those who appreciate wood and want to install modern, energy-efficient windows in their home. Custom-made wooden windows provide energy savings and comfortable living in all seasons. We guarantee long-lasting protection and hassle-free maintenance through our technologically advanced treatment of fine wood.

Bargain price

"Bargain price"
Standard line - excellent price.

An affordable solution to improve the energy efficiency of your home. In addition, standard windows offer the same quality as the more sophisticated models in our range.

Best buy

"Best buy"
The best quality/price ratio.

Top choice for those seeking higher energy efficiency, advanced window design, and an affordable price. Modern, single-sided aligned windows offer all of these features.

Advanced design

"Advanced design"
Windows with aligned profiles.

Modern windows with straight lines on both the interior and exterior, ideal for those who want to furnish their home with cutting-edge, low-energy architectural solutions.

NewLineNewLine Window line
EkoLineEkoLine Window line
JeloLineJeloLine Window line
Obojestranska poravnava profilovDouble-sided alignment
nostranska poravnava profilovOne-sided alignment
Leseno oknoWooden windows
Leseno okno z Alu maskWood-alu windows
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Material selection options


Material selection options


For your new windows, you can choose glazing that will protect you from heat, cold and noise, provide security and create intimacy.


Jelovica windows are made with high quality spruce, larch or oak wood.


The surface treatment used at Jelovica provides long-term window protection and emphasises the natural beauty of wood.

Reasons FOR Jelovica windows

A century-old tradition

A century-old tradition

Our story goes back to 1905. The trust of our customers has as long a tradition, just as the trees from which we make our windows have a long history. The century-old tradition of wooden window design is the solid foundation for our knowledge, perseverance, innovation and responsible attitude towards nature. We are proud of our customers' trust, and we are committed to ensuring the highest quality and sustainability.

Energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient Jelovica windows make for energy savings. With our windows, you can reduce your energy consumption for heating and cooling by up to 30 percent. State-of-the-art production and a century-old tradition of development ensure unparalleled window quality with high thermal insulating properties.

Modern windows

Modern windows

Jelovica windows are made with high-tech equipment. Our production process is automated, precise, flexible and reliable. All our production processes have been optimised, and we combine a rich tradition with the latest technological and architectural guidelines. Our windows meet the strict requirements for installation in the most modern houses and in larger buildings.

A great investment

A great investment

Our energy-efficient windows contribute to savings in heating and cooling. The structural strength and technological precision of our windows ensure a long service life. Comparing the level of investment with the possible savings in heating, longevity and maintenance costs, wood-aluminium windows are a very sensible investment.

Recognised quality

Recognised quality

At Jelovica, we are committed to the highest quality standards, evidenced by our certificates and awards. Every window and door goes through a technologically advanced and carefully controlled production process, which ensures we meet the highest requirements for energy saving, durability and quality of living.

Environmentally friendly windows

Environmentally friendly windows

Our windows are environmentally and human friendly. Our production process is ecological and energy self-sufficient. By using wood to make windows, we contribute to a cleaner environment and to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Wooden windows can be recycled and reused.

Windows made from Slovenian wood

Windows made from Slovenian wood

Jelovica windows are made from Slovenian wood, which is known to be the highest quality, even outside the borders of our green country. We make our wooden window frames in Slovenia. Quality control in the production of our wooden windows starts with the tree, or rather the wood, as a raw material.

Wooden windows breathe

Wooden windows breathe

The wood is diffuse in its microcomposition, which means that it lets a minimal amount of oxygen flow in both direction. In this way, wooden and wood-aluminium windows allow the exchange of indoor and outdoor air. This property of wood ensures a high quality of air for us to breathe, and therefore a healthy and beneficial living environment.

Wood regulates humidity

Wood regulates humidity

Wood behaves on the principle of moisture self-regulation in a room. It receives and gives out moisture, thus creating an optimal microclimate in the living space. This property brings an additional advantage - wood prevents the formation of mould, which is harmful to health.

Wooden windows are anti-allergy

Wooden windows are anti-allergy

Wood, as a natural material, has excellent electrostatic properties. That means it doesn't become electrically charged. Therefore, it does not attract or retain micro-organisms, dust, pollen, etc. Wooden windows therefore help to create an anti-allergy living space.

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Jelovica showrooms

You are kindly invited to visit us at your nearest Jelovica showroom.

Our sales consultants are also available on the telephone 080 23 23 or via email info@jelovica.si.

Jelovica showrooms

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