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Sustainable building

We take our environmental responsibility seriously and are committed to ensuring our wooden products come from sustainable sources. Our manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible and energy self-sufficient and our products are environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Did you know wood is one of the most reliable materials when it comes to windows and doors? Wood is an all-natural insulator, yet durable, and can be customized into any style with ease. Plus, it can last for the lifetime of your home and beyond with the right care. That’s why we love offering our clients a variety of wooden and wood-aluminium window and door designs.

Saving Money, Saving the Planet

Window technology has undergone a revolution in the last twenty years. Using a combination of gas-filled triple-glazing, glass coatings, thermally improved edge spaces and wooden framing it is now possible to adjust solar gain, reduce condensation, prevent air leakage and improve the comfort of an indoor environment while offering the homeowner huge savings in energy and money. More importantly, energy-efficient windows reduce carbon emissions and help to address global climate change. Used in combination with other green building methods and materials, they are a good choice for a brighter, sustainable future.


Wood is a natural material that performs exceptionally well as insulation material and can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs. The Uw index is used to measure temperature changes.
A Uw index of ≤ 0.8W/m2K is a measure for the highest quality PASSIVE WINDOWS.

Wood is... FIRE SAFE

Contrary to common belief, wood offers even greater fire resistance than concrete because charred pieces of wood act as a natural shield. In the event of a fire, wood does not emit toxic gases and wooden windows remain structurally stable for a longer period of time.

Wood is... HEALTHY

Wood is a living material that breathes and helps create the conditions for a healthy living environment as it regulates the relative humidity in the room and is not electrostatic.


Cleaner production processes with lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to plastic windows. Wood can be recycled and reused. All wood used in the manufacture of our products is of  Slovenian origin. Wood is biodegradable. When ‘New for Old’ windows are ordered, we make sure the discarded windows are disposed of in an ecologically sound manner.

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