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Since 1905.

Wood symbolises a cosy home. Wood also symbolises Jelovica.

Since 1905.

We have been manufacturing wooden products since 1905 and we take pride in our tradition of developing and designing energy-saving building furniture and houses. Today, each window and door goes through a technologically advanced and carefully controlled manufacturing process to ensure they meet the highest standards for energy efficiency, sustainability and quality of life. Our foundations are based on a strong woodworking tradition. At the same time, we are also future-oriented, with a maximum level of respect for the environment.

Century-old tradition

In the surroundings of the Jelovica Plateau, the development of wood processing began already around 1350. Until 1900 there were 144 sawmill plants in this area. The Company’s tradition reaches back to the beginning of the 20th century when the joinery business started to develop in the Jelovica region. The richness of the region with natural resources and the persistency of craftsmen provided the conditions for the prosperity of builders’ joinery and house production. The former joiners became a society of innovative, motivated and highly qualified professionals.

Development of Jelovica through time

  • 2019 installation of state-of-the-art technologies for the production of exterior joinery, which represents a key step in the transition to system digitization of Jelovica's production processes.

  • 2018 Development of a special window system Jelofuture with a completely new installation system.

  • 2011 Jelovica d.o.o. receives the Quality Label in Construction for the installation of exterior joinery according to the RAL system.

  • 2011 Jelovica houses are the first in Slovenia with the CE certificate. Jelovica receives the CE certificate also for windows, shutters and entrance doors.

  • 2010 Jelovica employees receive the Innovation Award for the innovations in the field of energy-efficient windows.

  • 2010 Jelovica ranks among the top fifty brands on the si.Brand TOP50 2010 list.

  • 2009 Jelovica receives the European Star Award for the Jelostar window and the Best Environmentally-Friendly Product Award for the Jelovision window.

  • 2004 Jelovica is the first Slovenian company to receive the European Star Award for its latest Jeloterm wooden-aluminium window.

  • 2003 Quality Label in Construction for the installation of builders’ joinery.

  • 1998 A project with a Japanese partner: European wooden house in Japan - development and production of windows for 200 houses.

  • 1997 Quality Label in Construction for the energy-efficient Jeloterm window.

  • 1996 Jelovica becomes a public limited company. The same year, it receives the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.

  • 1994 The Company is awarded the Golden Slovenian Quality Mark.

  • 1993 In-depth cooperation with the Institute for Window Technology IFT Rosenheim in regards to constructions and major export transactions.

  • 1991 Strategic reorientation of development and sales from the Ex Yugoslavian to the European market and worldwide export markets.

  • 1989 Jelovica receives the Golden Award for Quality.

  • 1955 When the timber industries in the area of today’s company unite, the Jelovica Škofja Loka inter-cooperative timber combine is established.

  • 1946 The Heinricher and Dolenc plants are merged with the Gorenjska Forest Estate.

  • 1920 Expansion of sawmilling at the Dolenc and Heinricher plants.

  • 1905 The Company is registered in the Commercial Register and Jelovica starts making history.

Our foundations are built on a rich tradition and our vision is directed towards the future. We strive for sustainable development of the Company and joint creation of the concept of living based on comfort, energy-efficiency and respect for the environment.

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