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Jelovica Windows

State-of-the-art wooden windows

JELOVICA d.o.o. is renowned for its innovation and joint creation of guidelines for the development of energy-efficient windows and wooden entrance doors. The design of Jelovica windows and doors is the result of more than 115 years of tradition in designing wood products that successfully meet the demands and needs of modern times.

Automated high-tech windows and entrance doors production

Jelovica windows are made using automated high-tech equipment that is precise, flexible, productive and reliable. All processes are optimised, and we combine a rich tradition with the latest technological and design guidelines. An extensive range offers a solution for anyone who loves wood and who wants to install modern energy-saving wooden windows in their home that provide a favourable living climate for every season. Jelovica’s wooden and wood-aluminium windows satisfy the strictest conditions for installation in the latest self-sufficient active Jelovica homes and other business and private facilities.

Wooden windows. A touch of nature. 

Wood. There is nothing in the world that provides us with such warmth and completeness as wood does. It keeps us warm and protects us. It can be used to build a roof over our heads or a bed to lie down on. It provides us with sure footing, warm meals, and the most beautifully sounding musical instruments. Wood is used to build bridges that connect people and places, and it provides protection from the cold. Of all the wonders of nature, wood is the thing that humans have always been most attached to. That is why wood has been the focal point of our and your story for more than a hundred years.

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