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Highest Quality

We create a New Concept of Living

We combine tradition with the latest technological and design guidelines

Jelovica has more than a hundred years of tradition in the development of energy-saving builder's joinery and houses. Our trademark is a lasting perfection and innovation. In Jelovica we traditionally reach the highest quality and energy efficiency standards. Each Jelovica window goes through the technologically perfected process and through the thoroughly controlled production process, which ensures the attainment of the highest demands for energy saving, sustainability and quality of living. We have already received several awards for technological perfection and innovation of our windows.

Top-notch production facilities

With a combined experience of over 115 years in the joinery manufacturing and through the utilization of top-notch technology we are able to offer a product and service which is second to none.

Our windows & doors manufacturing complex boasts the very latest in technology for high-performance wooden window production. Our computer-aided design team and computer-controlled manufacturing facilities work together to create the very best quality windows at the most competitive prices.

Jelovica windows are made using automated high-tech equipment that is precise, flexible, productive and reliable. All processes are optimised, and we combine a rich tradition with the latest technological and design guidelines.
An extensive range offers a solution for anyone who loves wood and who wants to install modern energy-saving wooden windows in their home that provide a favourable living climate for every season. Jelovica’s wooden and wood-aluminium windows satisfy the strictest conditions for installation in the latest self-sufficient active Jelovica homes and other business and private facilities.

Automated production as the highest Quality Guarantee


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